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Spring/Summer Hockey

Spring and Summer Hockey Options

Spring and summer hockey can be a lot of fun! Listed on this page are FVYHA off season recommendations, area opportunities for competitive spring hockey, and summer camp options. 

FVYHA Recommendations

#1 – Play other sports and do other activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, etc.  Just do something else besides play hockey!  Per USA Hockey ADM, this is developing athleticism by playing a variety of sports and physical play is critical to a player’s development. Bottom line: encourage and support your kids tying and playing different sports and having fun while they are doing it.

#2. Skating. Skating. Skating…and more Skating. Coaches work with all of our players on skating form & technique all season. Spend some time skating during the off-season, but let’s be honest, open skate is boring so have a plan and keep it short.  Focus on 1-2 skating techniques and then leave. Rollerblading is another option that is good exercise and can help reinforce full leg extension. 

#3. Skills sessions and camps can provide a framework for learning, but don't forget point #1 (play other sports!). Taking additional opportunities to skate, develop skills, or attend a camp during the off-season is perfectly fine as long as it’s “in addition to” and NOT “in lieu of” doing other activities.  

The next provides a registration link to SuperSkills, which runs through the summer. Further down the page are links for area camps.

What can I do for my child to become a better hockey player?

 The most frequently asked question by parents: What can I do for my child to become a better hockey player?  See the FVYH Recommendations - the number one answer - play other sports!

Summer SuperSkills

Preview -

Who:  09/10, 07/08, 04/05/06 birth years

Where and When: Appleton Family Ice Center; 8– 1 hour 30 minute sessions from 6/12 – 8/9 (excludes week of 7/1)

Tuesdays – 07/08 - 5-6:30pm;  04/05/06 – 6:30-8pm 

Thursdays - 09/10 - 530-7pm

Cost: $200 (skater), $120 (goalie), $30/session (sub)

Registration:  Register at

* Players will be placed in stations based on combination of age & last season team

Summer 10K Shots Challenge

Each summer we run a contest from June 1 - August 31. Players can begin tracking shots any time, but only shots logged during the contest dates will count toward the contest totals. 

Our goal with this platform is not simply focused on the quantity of shots, but on the setting and achieving of goals for our hockey players. 30% of shots should be backhand; remainder wrist and snap shots.  Pick out your target area for a set number of shots (e.g. 10 - upper right, 10 - upper left, 10 - five hole). 

This challenge loses a lot of momentum after 2-3 weeks so here's a few suggestions to keep up the hard work!

  • Parents get involved in the contest as well.  Take on your kids!

  • Players should set "sub-goals" throughout the summer.  If kids see tangible improvements, they will continue 

  • Siblings and/or parents can add a level of rivalry.  See who can hit the most "upper right" shots out of 10

  • Set daily goals and limit the number of shots per day.  Nobody will be a sniper after 500 shots in 2 days.  Again, quality of shots vs quantity is what we’re looking for!

Registration is free - link for summer 2018 coming soon. 

Spring/Summer Competitive AAA Hockey Teams

FVYHA does not endorse any of the opportunities listed here. Tryouts are typically held during the week after the state tournament for each age group. If you have questions about whether or not AAA is a good fit for your skater or about the tryout /selection process, talk to your coach.

WAHA State-wide Competitive Hockey Programs

Kohlman Cup The Kohlman Cup is a weekend spring tournament for Tier II U12 players from throughout Wisconsin. Players tryout for their regional team and compete against the other regions in a weekend festival. Any peewee player from a Tier II organization is encouraged to tryout for the Kohlman Cup! FVYHA is Tier II.

Wisconsin Elite Hockey League (U14 U16 U18)

WAHA/USA Hockey Player Development Festivals and Camps provide Wisconsin's top young hockey players (U14-17) with concentrated on- and off-ice training and coaching, and the compete against their peers. See the WAHA Development Camps website for details. 

Summer Camps in the Area

Hockey camps typically run a week. Camp can be fun and challenging experience at any age. It’s up to the individual player on what they “get out of” a camp.  As a development experience, what your child does after the camp matters as much, if not more, than the actual camp itself. Get them out to open skate, stick-n-puck, or open hockey occasionally to apply what they’ve learned so those lessons are not lost over the rest of the summer (and don't forget the importance of simply playing other sports!). 

FVYHA does not endorse any particular camp. Below is simply a list of some (not all) in camp opportunities in area. Also check the Appleton Ice Inc. webpage for other opportunities, such as power skating, stick and puck, and open ice times. NOTE: Tri-County Ice Arena (TCIA) does not have summer ice - most programs will run out of the Appleton or Oshkosh arenas. 

Does your goalie need equipment over the summer?

If your child is a goalie and is serious about developing their goalie skills in a summer camp - you may "check out" goalie equipment from  FVYHA for use during summer camps and super skills sessions.  Summer check out requires a $25 deposit. Contact the Vice President.