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SCRIP Fundraising

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a voluntary fundraiser program used by many non-profit organizations. SCRIP basically means "substitute money" and works by purchasing and using gift cards to pay for items you normally buy, like gas from Kwik Trip. It is an excellent way to earn money toward your skater fees while fundraising for the club.  This is how it works: you purchase SCRIP gift cards & certificates for numerous retailers at their face value through FVYHA. The hockey club is a ‘middle man’ – it receives a discounted rate on the gift cards. The difference in price between discounted rate the club pays and the normal face value rate you pay is known as the rebate.  The club keeps 20% of this rebate (the fundraising part) and sets aside the other 80% for you to use to reduce your skating fees.  

You have until July (the week before registration starts) to accumulate SCRIP rebates to apply to the upcoming year's fees. Some families earn more than $600 toward their skater’s fees each year. One easy card to use is Kwik Trip which gives a 4% rebate; everybody needs fuel! 

The SCRIP coordinator, places an order for physical cards once a month between March-August and then twice a month during the season (September – February).  You can order electronic cards any time or re-load a physical card any time.  The order is for physical gift cards; so you need to pick the cards up from the coordinator.  Please contact the SCRIP coordinator, Helen Moen, if you are interested. She can be reached at

Unused SCRIP balances

What happens to unused SCRIP balances? Any unused balance can be carried over to subsequent years as long as you remain a member of FVYHA. At any time you may donate your SCRIP balance to the scholarship program, transfer the balance to a different FVYHA family, or apply the balance to your child's high school hockey "fees." If you permanently leave FVYHA and your membership account is in good standing, you may request the balance be paid out. Balances that are "abandoned" after three seasons will be automatically applied to the scholarship program. 

Helen Moen

SCRIP Coordinator